Arthur's Tail

I'm a handsome, young white tiger who recently moved in with a beautiful, young female lioness named Kira.

I enjoy playing in the mud, splashing visitors, chuffling, running around, annoying Kira, soaking in my water trough, keeping a watchful eye on scary neighbor Tonka tiger, eating, sleeping, drowning my toys in water, grooming, chewing tree branches, getting mud on Kira (who hates mud and water!), and watching tour groups with little kids.

The Wild Stampede

Julia Matson-Wagner, Conservators’ Center Inc. (by Maria Wooten)

If elected president, I would lead a manned muffin, I mean, mission to Mars. Mmmm muffins….

Conservator's Center runs Tiger for president for fun, donations | mebane, president, center - Burlington Times News

I’ve decided 2 recruit the servals @ the Conservators’ Center 2 B my body guards - my Secret Serval — at Conservators’ Center Inc.

What happens when the king of the forest has an earache? | Unusual house call

Check out my Presidential Campaign banner. Totally cool!Want 2 contribute 2 my campaign & get cool swag? Visit!
Announcing my picks for my White House Cabinet:~Savannah Leopard as Secretary of State~Benji New Guinea Singing Dog as Secretary of Treasury~Tonka Tiger as Secretary of Defense~Ruffian Binturong as Secretary of Agriculture~Jeremiah Lemur as Secretary of Education~Trekkie Monster Wolf as Secretary of Homeland Security~Lena Serval as Press Secretary(No one wanted to be Secretary of Labor! They said it sounded 2 hard!) 2 Kim Pernicka for use of her photos)
I am pleased 2 announce my running mate - Thomas Lion for Vice President!Stay tuned 4 my picks 4 my White House cabinet!

I am pleased 2 announce my running mate - Thomas Lion for Vice President!

Stay tuned 4 my picks 4 my White House cabinet!

Want ur own bumper sticker? Then please consider supporting my Presidential campaign @ www.arthur4prez.comU will b the nv of all ur frenz with my handsome mug on ur car!